Why BAP?

Bentham Action on Plastic initiates and supports local measures that will help reduce our town’s need for and use of plastic, and our contribution to the global problem of plastic waste.

The world needs less plastic, but how can we use less when it’s almost impossible to avoid?

It needs action by governments and businesses. And it needs us to make sure that governments and businesses know that we care about plastic pollution, and want them to take action.

And in the short term, it needs us to take action ourselves. Normal life today is impossible without plastic, but it’s not that hard to cut our use of certain kinds, especially the plastic that gets used once, then binned. And then land-filled or incinerated. Or sent abroad. Or chucked out of the car window. Whatever. So long as it’s somebody else’s problem.

This website contains lots of ideas, and you can also encourage retailers to tell their suppliers that Bentham wants less plastic in its shops.